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Measuring Guides For Window Blinds

When ordering your blinds it is essential to take the correct measurements in order for your blinds to fit perfectly, With this in mind we have created the following measuring guides for window blinds for each blind type. We also have a measuring sheet that you can fill in to make the job that little bit easier, You can save or print these documents out to ensure the correct measurements are taken.

Measuring Guides :

Venetian Blinds                                   Roman Blinds                                   Roller Blinds

Vertical Blinds                                    Day & Night Blinds                          Aluminium Blinds


Measuring Sheet :

Measuring Sheet


Please Note :

  1. All measurements should be provided in mm (millimetres)
  2. All our blinds are made with a 5mm manufacturing tolerance (width & drop).
  3. Always use a metal ruler/tapemeasure when taking the measurements. Cloth ones can stretch and give inaccurate measurements.

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