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Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re all looking forward to it. However, the festive season has a darker undertone to it, and thieves are everywhere. There’s no easier time to steal from someone than Christmas when people come to visit a lot and security is lax. To make sure that you keep your home safe this Christmas, we’re going to share a few tips and tricks.

  1. Keep Your Blinds Close
  2. Keep Holiday Plans Quiet
  3. Inspect Your Chimney
  4. Protect Incoming Packages
  5. Work With Neighbours
  6. Be Social Media Secure Aware
Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

Keep Your Blinds Closed

One of the first steps you can take to keep your home secure is to close your blinds. This act may seem like a strange one, but it provides potential invaders with a simple message – there’s nothing here to see or take. Even if that’s not the case, you’re removing the temptations from people by closing the blinds. Plus, it’s an additional layer of security if someone does try and force their way into the property through a window.

Keep Holiday Plans Quiet

If you plan to go on holiday during the festive season, you might want to keep these arrangements a secret from the world. Thieves will target houses which they know to be empty because there’s a greater chance of success. You can prevent this by keeping your holiday plans off social media, and away from people you know will gossip about it. If you’re going to go away, do so quietly and subtly.

Inspect Your Chimney

Santa usually comes down the chimney in stories about Christmas, but you might find you get a visitor who isn’t jolly and offering presents. If you have a smokestack that someone could feasibly climb down, then you have a security risk. It might be worth investing in a grate which goes in the chimney, allowing smoke to escape the house but blocking out intruders.

Protect Incoming Packages

In the modern world, it’s never been easier to order a gift. People can go on a website like Amazon, then buy and have a present delivered. However, this parcel which is left on the doorstep or just inside the porch is a gold mine for thieves, who will break in and take whatever they can. This can be prevented by leaving special instructions on where to move packages, whether it’s with a neighbour or at a particular collection point in the town.

Work With Neighbours

If you’re going to go out of town for a few days to visit family, or to go on holiday, then you can protect your property by speaking to neighbours before you go. Ask them to keep an eye on your home, and maybe collect any post which is delivered. This helps to reduce the risk of a break-in, and you could even invest in home automation systems to fool intruders into thinking someone’s home.

Be Social Media Secure Aware

Been splashing out on the presents this year ? Got a new tree and or very proud of your festive decorating skills this year then be careful when telling all the world about it when posting on social media. There’s nothing better for a thief to read and see on social media, be mindful and be careful what you are posting,


All in all, these are just some of the ways you can keep your home safe this Christmas. This time of year can be worrying, but if you’ve taken adequate safety precautions, you’ll be okay. Just make sure that your house is secure when you go to bed at night and when you go out in the day.

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Great British Blinds

If you enjoyed our article “Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas” and would like to learn more then please click here to have a look at some further tips from the United Kingdom Police Force.

To Keep your home secure why not have a look at our Home Security Camera found on our Smart Home Technology page.

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