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How do I measure for window blinds ?

How do I measure for window blinds ?

Measure for window blinds isn’t as complicated as you may think, With a little patience and few simple tools you can have your windows measured in minutes !

Before you start you will need a pen or pencil, A metal tape measure and a piece of paper or why not print out one of our Great British Blinds measuring sheets. You will also need to decide where the blind will be going, whether inside the window recess or on the outside of the window recess. If you decide to

How To Measure for window blinds

How To Measure For Window Blinds

How To Measure For Window Blinds

    1. Measure the width inside or outside the recess in 3 positions as per the diagram
    2. Write down the smallest width measurement
    3. Measure the height inside or outside the recess in 3 positions as per the diagram
    4. Write down the smallest height measurement

You have now taken your measurements for your window blind !

A couple of key points to bear in mind when taking your measurements are to use a metal tape measure as fabric tape measures can stretch over time and can give inaccurate readings and we also advise to take your measurements in millimetres to ensure your your measurements are as accurate as possible.


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