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Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas

Follow me Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re all looking forward to it. However, the festive season has a darker undertone to it, and thieves are everywhere. There’s no easier time to steal from someone than Christmas when people come to visit a lot and security is lax. To make sure that you keep your home safe this Christmas, we’re going to share a few tips and tricks. Keep Your Blinds Close Keep Holiday Plans [...]


The Benefits Of Window Blinds

Follow me The Benefits of Window Blinds Window blinds are used in many homes all across the country and indeed the world. You can’t help but notice that they offer many benefits to their users, which is part of what makes them so coveted. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the benefits of window blinds here, so you might consider going out and joining the many people who have them. Increased Durability The first reason why you might consider [...]


How do I measure for window blinds ?

Follow me Measure for window blinds isn’t as complicated as you may think, With a little patience and few simple tools you can have your windows measured in minutes ! Before you start you will need a pen or pencil, A metal tape measure and a piece of paper or why not print out one of our Great British Blinds measuring sheets. You will also need to decide where the blind will be going, whether inside the window recess or on [...]


What Blinds to choose in your home

Follow me Window blinds add that finishing touch to any room in your house, whether your blinds are there to make a statement or to just blend in with the surroundings the choices are endless and its all up to you. We understand that some people find it difficult to choose window blind types for the different rooms within the home so we have put together this little guide to give you a helping hand and to highlight some of the [...]


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